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The Most Important Determinant

written byYeo Nam
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Statistics have shown that 95% of people who have tried to make money online failed. It's not an encouraging fact.


Make money online should not be complicated though it’s not easy. You can succeed in your endeavour to make money online if you learn to do it right.


If you want to be one of those who succeed, you should study and understand the prerequisites for success before you set out to pursue making money online.


There are various factors, each having a different weightage, that determine the success of your pursuit.

Among them, the most important determinant is “YOU”.


“YOU” is the key to success as well as the key to failure. If you want success, you will become a success. If you allow yourselves to become failure conscious, you will be a failure.


Without going into the complexity of how our mind works, it would suffice to mention here that studies have shown that your thought impulses are picked up by your subconscious mind and translated into reality.


Your subconscious mind receives what you pass to it through your thought impulses. It does not distinguish between positive and negative thought impulses. It works with what you feed it. It will translate into reality a thought impulse of a negative nature just as readily as it will translate into reality a thought impulse of a positive or nature.


Generally, the thought impulses of negative nature slip into the subconscious mind more voluntarily, while the positive thought impulses must be injected through some hard work to be passed on to your subconscious mind.


It’s also to note that your subconscious mind acts on the dominating thought impulse among all the thought impulses it received.


If you want success, you must think about your success constantly and your thought impulses will be injected into your subconscious mind, making it the dominating thought impulse and your subconscious mind will act on it and translate it into reality.


If you do not constantly inject your thought impulses of success into your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will be fed with thought impulses of negative nature that lead to failure.


Many people believe themselves "doomed" to failure because of some strange force over which they believe they have no control. They do not realize that in fact, they are the creators of their own "misfortune" by setting themselves up for failure. They have continuously passed negative thought impulse to their subconscious mind. It becomes the dominating thought impulse among all thought impulses that they passed to their subconscious mind.


You have the ability to decide the way you think and the type of thought impulses you want to pass on to your subconscious mind. You have the power to control your thoughts as you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.


Whenever negative thought impulse arises, replace it immediately with a thought impulse of success. Consciously make success the dominating thought impulse that you pass to your subconscious mind.


It does not matter how many times you have failed before. Your past does not equate your future.


Start switching your thinking towards achieving your success. Always think of success. It will become the dominating thought impulse that reached your subconscious mind which will translate it into reality.


What and how you think is crucial to your success as the actions you will take stem from your mindset.


Strengthen your belief that you have the capability to achieve what you want to pursue.


Learn the right way to make money online from the right people. Guard against being influenced by failures. Focus on using the right way to work towards achieving your goals.


You can observe people who have successfully generated the kind of results you desire, find one whom you resonate with, model what and how he has been doing to make money online, take action persistently to realize your desired level of success.


You deserve success. You can make it. You have the power to control over your thoughts and what you want. Be in control of your destiny.


“YOU” is the most important determinant of your success. You are responsible for your own success. We can only share with you the right direction and information that will help you move onto the right path towards achieving your success.


Get a right mindset, learn what you don’t know, take persistent action to make your make money online journey a success.

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