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Three Fundamentals

written byYeo Nam
Make Money Online

In this post, I show you three important fundamentals of MMO, Make Money Online, that are crucial to the success of your endeavor.


You may have stumbled upon the idea of making money online. You are excited and eager to find out how you can start to make money online.


Perhaps, you may have already made a few or even many attempts, but without success. As such, you are disappointed and demoralized. You became confused and started wondering whether make money online is a real and legit idea or just a scam.


It does not matter whether you have been struggling or you are about to begin your make money online journey, this article provides you with information that helps you understand the following three fundamentals that help lay a strong foundation for building a successful online business. Understanding these principles will help you avoid spinning your wheels and cut short your learning curve so that you can generate the results you desire soonest possible.

1. Invest In Your Personal Growth.


The first thing you would want to do is develop yourself to be a person who is worthy of receiving the amount of money you desire.


The only way you earn money online (commonly referred to as make money online, Earl Nightingale said, in his message, “The Strangest Secret In The World”, only people who work in the mint make money, the rest of us earn money) is by providing useful services or products that people need and want. You exchange your services or products for their money.


The amount of money you receive will be in direct proportion to the value of the services or products you offer.


It is important to recognize the reality that you must be of value first before you can expect to receive money in return. You will be paid in direct proportion to what you are worth.


Personal growth is also known as self-growth or self-improvement. It is a process by which a person develops himself to enhance his capability and extend his potential. It covers various aspects of a person including mindset, paradigms, habits, attitude…etc.


One of the important aspects I want to highlight here is mindset. People failed to make money online because they either underestimate or completely ignore the importance of having a right mindset from the beginning.


Mindset is crucial to your success as the actions you will take stem from your mindset. Having a right mindset from the beginning helps lay a strong foundation for your endeavour to build a successful online business.


You must begin your make money online journey with the right mindset to ensure that you are working towards achieving your success. You are now aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Start thinking like an entrepreneur. Study the mindsets of successful online entrepreneurs, acquire those necessary mindsets to bring you on the right track to success.


Personal growth is an ongoing process. You must invest in your personal growth continuously as you progress to ensure you possess attributes that commensurate with different levels of success you want to achieve.

2. Pick up the ropes of making money online. Learn to do things in a certain way to generate the results you desire.


To succeed in your “make money online” endeavour, it is not about doing things, it is about doing certain things in a certain way.


People who do things in this certain way will be able to generate the results they set out to achieve. Others who do not do things in this certain way will fail to make money online no matter how hard they work.


There are nuts and bolts specifically relating to operating a particular type of business though the basics of business operation remain. It is important to study the nuts and bolts of operating an online business and do it in a certain way to generate the kind of results you desire.


You can observe how those who have already successfully generated the kind of results you want and model what and how they have been doing to generate your desired level of success.


You can also find a mentor whom you resonate with and engage him to guide you through the process of building a successful online business. This is a better alternative as compared to doing it yourself by observing and modelling those who have been successful. It will help save time as your mentor can offer a tested and proven blueprint for you to follow. You also have someone to turn to whenever you need help to resolve issues you encounter along the way.

3. Take massive, appropriate action persistently to generate your desired level of income.


Knowledge you possess does not produce results itself. You must act on knowledge you have acquired to generate the kind of results you have been looking for.


Taking massive actions is necessary for building a successful online business. No action no result.


Building an online business is not always a smooth sailing. You will encounter some obstacles and setbacks along the way. You may even face some failures. It is part and parcel of building an online business. You must have perseverance for overcoming the obstacles, setbacks, or failures that you will encounter along the way. Success may only be achieved after several attempts of tweaking the process.  


Successful people may not necessarily be the smartest, most powerful, most experienced. But they are definitely the most persistent in pursuing their goals.

In summary, it is important to lay a strong foundation from the get go if you are serious about building a successful online business.


Having the right mindset is crucial to the success of your pursuit as it will lead you to take the right approach to work towards realization of your goals. Without the right mindset, it will not be of much help even if you are provided with the best platform, excellent guidance, and all other supplementary support.


Acquiring relevant knowledge that you need to start, sustain, and expand your online business. You must apply the knowledge you acquired to do certain things in a certain way to generate the results you want.


Take massive action to generate the results you desire. Perseverance must be a key ingredient of your success formula.

Have an enjoyable “Make Money Online’ journey!

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